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PhD Beats – Dapper Loops vol.1

Dapper Loops vol.1 by PhD Beats

New boom bap is added to TableBeats library. PhD Beats from San Diego adds Dapper Loops vol.1. It’s 12 dope beats in boom bap style. Download Dapper Loops on TableBeats now and start your session!

PhD Beats – Dapper Loops vol.1 (12 beats)

01 Far Alone 98BPM

02 Finally 96BPM

03 Get Mine 95BPM

04 Hanging On 92BPM

05 Inne Being 95BPM

06 Life On Bars 95BPM

07 Phife 94BPM

08 Sinister 95BPM

09 So Cal Glide 95BPM

10 So Cal Ride 95BPM

11 Sunset 95BPM

12 Wait 06BPM


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