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Peter Spacey - Spacey Beats 4 Scratch Vol.3

Tel-Aviv, Israel based DJ & producer – Peter Spacey – is now adding the third installment of his Spacey Beats 4 Scratch looper series. With using the turntable as a musical instrument and as a production tool for more than a decade he decided to produce the ’Spacey Beats 4 Scratch’ collection. Peter Spacey’s beats is placed as soundtracks in film/commercials & the gaming industry (HBO, Porsche, Samsung, Converse, Honda, Playstation, and more) He also accompanies international major events such as DMC World Championship, Zing Music Award, the New York Fashion Week, Shift, Miss Universe. Recently Peter ventured into the NFT realm launching a collection of audio-visual digital works. Now Peter is releasing his third installment of Spacey Beats 4 Scratch looper series on TableBeats. Spacey Beats 4 Scratch Vol.3 is 14 dope beats, all produced by Peter Spacey. Spacey Beats 4 Scratch are made from Peter’s love for Turntablism, 8bit synthesis, Hiphop, electronics & space. BPM range between 70 - 160. Download Spacey Beats 4 Scratch Vol.3 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Peter Spacey - Spacey Beats 4 Scratch Vol.3 | TableBeats

Peter Spacey - Bomz - 75BPM

Peter Spacey - Protek - 80BPM

Peter Spacey - Candy Bitcrush - 110BPM

Peter Spacey - Break The Hound - 70BPM

Peter Spacey - Flip The Coin - 95BPM

Peter Spacey - Parrot Land - 86BPM

Peter Spacey - Dark Net - 136BPM

Peter Spacey - Skeleton Strum - 135BPM

Peter Spacey - Fog - 98BPM

Peter Spacey - I Just Wanna Be There - 122BPM

Peter Spacey - Pinch It - 80BPM

Peter Spacey - So So - 90BPM

Peter Spacey - Norman Day - 125BPM

Peter Spacey - Bug Dealer - 160BPM


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