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The Wodka - One SPliff a Day

Bboy crew and music creators – The Wodka – based in Russia is now adding a reggae flavored looper – One SPliff a Day – to TableBeats library It´s 7 dope beats all produced by The Wodka. BPM range between 94 - 152. Download One SPliff a Day on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

The Wodka - Jahrusalem Joint - 149BPM

The Wodka - One Love Joint - 120BPM

The Wodka - World Danger Joint - 94BPM

The Wodka - Aura Joint - 152BPM

The Wodka - Ghetto Joint - 148BPM

The Wodka - Karma Joint - 96BPM

The Wodka - Skinhead Joint - 133BPM


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