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Sir Skulls - The Carnival

DJ, drummer & producer from Baltimore now located in Las Vegas – Sir Skulls – is adding another fresh looper, The Carnival, to TableBeats library. The Carnival is a looper version of his upcoming album that is dropping June 27th. Stay Tuned! The Carnival is 9 dope beats all produced by Sir Skulls. BPM range between 80 - 120. Download The Carnival on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Sir Skulls – the Carnival | TableBeats

Sir Skulls - Welcome to the Show - 99BPM

Sir Skulls - Can’t Stand It - 90BPM

Sir Skulls - Step Right Up - 100BPM

Sir Skulls - Showtime - 80BPM

Sir Skulls - Ringmaster - 90BPM

Sir Skulls - Tightrope pt.1 - 110BPM

Sir Skulls - Tightrope pt.2 - 110BPM

Sir Skulls - Gently Weeps - 120BPM

Sir Skulls - Come Again - 80BPM


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