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Rod Roc - Dead Ass Looper

From Vallejo, California comes turntablist & producer Rod Roc and adding his first solo looper – Dead Ass Looper – to TableBeats library. It´s 14 dope beats all produced by Rod Roc. BPM range between 62 - 100. Download Dead Ass Looper on TableBeats today and get busy with it! You can also check out Rod Roc on Spotify, here.

Rod Roc - Turn It Up - 77BPM

Rod Roc - Golden State Warrior - 75BPM

Rod Roc - Get Some - 72BPM

Rod Roc - Lo-Key - 90BPM

Rod Roc - Vegged Out - 62BPM

Rod Roc - World War III - 100BPM

Rod Roc - Damn - 70BPM

Rod Roc - So What - 72BPm

Rod Roc - Smobbin - 72BPM

Rod Roc - Straight Mackin - 90BPM

Rod Roc - Dead Meat - 94BPM

Rod Roc - Time Lapse - 87BPM

Rod Roc - Back In Business - 90BPM

Rod Roc - Recognize (the real) - 64BPM

Available via iOS App Store.

Available via iOS App Store.

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