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Rocksdaddy - Skratchgame Looper

The second solo looper by Rocksdaddy from Lübeck, GermanySkratchgame Looper – is now added to TableBeats library. It’s 8 dope beats all produced by Rocksdaddy. BPM range between 100 - 173. Download Skratchgame Looper on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Rocksdaddy - Brightstorm - 166BPM

Rocksdaddy - Mad Noises Drunk As My Neezyy - 166BPM

Rocksdaddy - Fugg Yall - 100BPM

Rocksdaddy - Grab Ya Head - 173BPM

Rocksdaddy - Ill Drummer - 157BPM

Rocksdaddy - Kamel Kacke - 78BPM

Rocksdaddy - Looperless - 135BPM

Rocksdaddy - Los Junkos - 147BPM

Available via iOS App Store.

Available via iOS App Store.

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