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Mysterious DJ & Beatmaker Legend; Gold Voltron!

Featured TableBeats Beatmaker, Gold Voltron!  The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

“Goldvoltron king of the beats! This elusive character has been on the scene since 1984, but no one has been able to find out who he is.  His beats are a variety of chops, breaks, digs and OG samples.  Whether its digital or dirty vinyl, you can be assured that GV will find that next break!”

The mysterious DJ & beatmaker legend Gold Voltron is filling TableBeats library with 16 dope beats for us to practice our cuts to. 

Gold Voltron is a nice and humble man. If you want to know him better then take a look at this interview with GV by Emma Short-E at Studio Scratches.

 Gold Voltron - Elusive Beats

Gold Voltron – Elusive Beats (16 beats)

Download TableBeats on the App Store free today and start your nonstop practice session with beats by Gold Voltron & many more.

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