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Molotov - Level Up Looper Vol.6

The sixth episode of Level Up Looper series by DJ & producer from the misty Canadian Pacific NorthwestMolotov – is now added to TableBeats library. It’s 12 dope beats all produced by Molotov. Level Up Looper Vol.6 gives you a mix of styles for the hard core session and the relaxed practice. BPM range between 70 - 160. Download Level Up Looper Vol.6 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Molotov - Boom to the Bap - 75BPM

Molotov - Scum & Villiany - 90BPM

Molotov - Game Stop Bumrush - 100BPM

Molotov - Isotope A - 85BPM

Molotov - Deep Cuts - 85BPM

Molotov - Liger Kings - 125BPM

Molotov - At Worlds End - 70BPM

Molotov - Monkey’s Klaw - 120BPM

Molotov - Espace Mutant - 130BPM

Molotov - Techno Sweat Suit - 125BPM

Molotov - Unwanted Attention - 140BPM

Molotov - Cyclops Funeral - 160BPM


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