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Molotov - Dead Beat

From the misty Canadian Pacific Northwest comes producer & DJ – Molotov – raised in Boom Bap and trained in the art of Turntablism. Now crafting beats for fellow scratchers. His loops are heavy on Hip Hop, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, LoFi, Trap and Glitch

Molotov is now adding Dead Beat looper to TableBeats’ library. Dead Beat is a collection of unused beats that were at one point or another discarded or meant for other projects. Molotov is giving new life and updating those beats for your scratching enjoyment. Dead Beat is 10 dope beats, all produced by Molotov. BPM range between 85 - 155. Download Dead Beat on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Molotov - Dead Beat | TableBeats

Molotov - Dead Beat - 90BPM

Molotov - A Dangerous Game - 110BPM

Molotov - Get wit Da Get Down - 85BPM

Molotov - Shelltoes and Shenanigans - 125BPM

Molotov - When The Venom Kicks In - 90BPM

Molotov - Tacoma Death Match - 155BPM

Molotov - Slow Panic - 110BPM

Molotov - Keep Your Ears Ringing - 120BPM

Molotov - Break That - 150BPM

Molotov - Kill Zone Run - 105BPM


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