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Molotov & Crew - Skratch Your Own Adventure 2

From the misty Canadian Pacific Northwest come producer & DJ – Molotov – raised in Boom Bap, and trained in the art of Turntablism. Now crafting beats for fellow scratchers. His loops are heavy on Hip Hop, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, LoFi, Trap, and Glitch. He is heavily influenced by DJs and producers like D-Styles, DJ Qbert, DJ Babu, DJ Craze, A-Trak, RZA, DJ Premier, Bomb Squad, DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, DJ Nu-Mark, Egyptian Lover, DJ Vekked, DJ Gnius and Wundrkut.

Volume 2 of Skratch Your Own Adventure brings together producers and scratchers from all over the globe (Canada, UK, Italy, Germany, USA, & more). In this series Molotov brings some friends together – Arbon the Ghost, Chilla Ninja, Blazewright, Boston Krab, DJ DSK, DJ Soo, DJ Spiktakular, drag0n, funktion og, Geomyst, Kut Killa, L.Hundo, Morris Blaze, Qube, Scotty Skratches, and Sir Skulls – to produce some Hip Hop, Boom Bap, Drum and Bass, Electro, and Trap for the community to scratch to. A great and wide variety of options!

Skratch Your Own Adventure 2 is 34 dope beats by a total of 17 producers, check full beat list below. BPM range between 60 - 186. A wide range of styles and tempo. Download Your Own Adventure 2 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Geomyst - Long Road - 85BPM

DJ T-Kut - Drogabeat - 103BPM

Molotov - Gung Ho Electro - 120BPM

dj Myke aka Micionero - Godzeella - 140BPM

Scotty Skratches - Wheelz of Steele - 186BPM

DJ Spiktakular - FBI PHOTOS - 75BPM

Chilla Ninja - Shake Down - 89BPM


DJ DSK - Harmonics - 128BPM

funktion og - Lean - 60BPM

DJ Soo - Drip - 100BPM

L.Hundo - HunnyGoddess - 80BPM


Sir Skulls - Bone Saw - 89BPM

drag0n - Funkloser - 103BPM

Geomyst - Smokescreen - 87BPM

Scotty Skratches - Concrete Paradise - 176BPM

QUBE - Tactics - 174BPM

Morris Blaze - Save Room Anthem - 96BPM

Molotov - Forgotten Dream - 92BPM

Arbon the Ghost - Creatures - 145BPM


Scotty Skratches - JK - 140BPM

Chilla Ninja - Planet Hop - 127BPM

Sir Skulls - Monophonic - 75BPM

dj Myke aka Micionero - Indastria - 70BPM

Molotov - Electro Push Pop - 125BPM

DJ Spiktakular - WACK ASS - 84BPM


Chilla Ninja - Vintage - 85BPM

drag0n - Crocklets - 117BPM

Boston Krab - Put Them Up - 90BPM

Kut Kulla - Polar - 100BPM


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