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MikeyDubz - The Bolivian Connection Looper

Fresh off the back of his latest beat tape, The Bolivian Connection, MikeyDubz brings you The Bolivian Connection Looper, presented by Fader Mafia exclusive on TableBeats. Grab the full 10-track album on or stream via Spotify, iTunes etc.. The Bolivian Connection Looper is 10 dope beats all produced by MikeyDubz. BPM range between 80 - 102. Download The Bolivian Connection Looper on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

MikeyDubz - Blood Pacts - 98BPM

MikeyDubz - Plat O Plomo - 90BPM

MikeyDubz - Old Man Travelling - 97BPM

MikeyDubz - Airborne - 98BPM

MikeyDubz - Deliverance - 93BPM

MikeyDubz - Loose Lips - 80BPM

MikeyDubz - The Man With The Feather In His Hair - 89BPM

MikeyDubz - The 26 - 89BPM

MikeyDubz - Hedde Haan - 96BPM


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