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Flavour G’z - Nuthin But Fresh Looper

From Bilbao, Spain comes Flavour G’z dropping a new 12” scratch record – Nuthin But Fresh – and a matching looper to go with it. Nuthin But Fresh 12” is a skip proof record limited to only 100 copies. Cop yours via before they are sold out. Nuthin But Fresh Looper is 14 dope beats all produced by Flavour G’z. With just drums and bass is this looper a great choice for melodic turntablism or anything that requires just a break with or without a bass. BPM range between 80 - 150. Download Nuthin But Fresh Looper on TableBeats and get busy with it!

Flavour G’z - Fresh Mood - 80BPM

Flavour G’z - Ditched - 82BPM

Flavour G’z - Charging - 83BPM

Flavour G’z - Bass Co - 84BPM

Flavour G’z - Fresh And Deeper - 86BPM

Flavour G’z - Dlift - 88BPM

Flavour G’z - Snapped - 89BPM

Flavour G’z - Side Crate - 90BPM

Flavour G’z - Flying - 92BPM

Flavour G’z - CAG - 95BPM

Flavour G’z - Shaking - 95BPM

Flavour G’z - 808 Infinity - 98BPM

Flavour G’z - Force - 140BPM

Flavour G’z - Kick It - 150BPM


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