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DJ QBert & Zuckell - Collaboration

We have a fresh collaboration looper added to TableBeats library with two of the dopest to do it – DJ QBert & Zuckell. Collaboration is 10 dope beats, 5 by DJ QBert and 5 by Zuckell. BPM range between 74 - 160. Download Collaboration with DJ QBert & Zuckell on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Also, check out DJ QBert’s recently released album Origins (Wave Twisters Zero) which can be found to order at and streaming on all major platforms – iTunes, Spotify... The vinyl is limited to only 1000 copies, and there is only a very few left so act fast!


DJ QBert - Polaroidz - 115BPM

DJ QBert - 808 Roland - 133BPM

DJ QBert - CLOCCC - 140BPM

DJ QBert - Back Peddler - 118BPM

Zuckell - Clout Chase - 95BPM

Zuckell - Baryonic - 160BPM

Zuckell - Hysteria - 145BPM

Zuckell - Eyes Before - 100BPM

Zuckell - Hand In Hand - 74BPM


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