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DJ Leanski & DJ Wi5h - Endless Breaks

A tribute to Breakdancers – From Boston, MA comes founding member of The Floor Lords Crew, established in 1981 – DJ Leanski. Over 40 years of contributing to the Hip hop culture through dance & music. DJ Leanski is not only a legendary breakdancer, he is also a DJ, now based in Hawaii. DJ Leanski teamed up with DJ Wi5h to make Endless Breaks looper. Endless Breaks is a tribute to breakdancers they both worked with over the years in the Red Bull BC OneB-Boy Casper, Flea Rock, Hijacked, El Nino and more. Endless Breaks is 10 dope beats, 5 beats produced by DJ Leanski and 5 beats by DJ Wi5h. BPM range between 95 - 106. Download Endless Breaks on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

DJ Leanski & DJ Wi5h - Endless Breaks | TableBeats

DJ Wi5h - Flea Rocker - 100BPM

DJ Leanski - Frosty Freazer - 95BPM

DJ Wi5h - Mean Lean - 100BPM

DJ Leanski - Cypher Sniper - 101BPM

DJ Wi5h - Hi Jck - 100BPM

DJ Leanski - Da Floatstah - 101BPM

DJ Wi5h - Elnino - 100BPM

DJ Leanski - Da Wicked - 106BPM

DJ Wi5h - Casper - 102BPM

DJ Leanski - Fly Your Head - 101BPM


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