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DJ Kair One – Blood Donor Breaks Looper + 7″

Blood Donor Breaks Looper + 7″ by DJ Kair One

After Three-In-One Breaks DJ Kair One is releasing a new 7″ with a matching looper, Blood Donor Breaks. This 7″ is filled with skipless tracks. It also contain a scratch track composed by several top DJs, in a b-boy fashion. Feature on the tracks does Junya, Rip One, Pryvet, Peepshow, Yuichi, Blahblahsure, DJ FlipFlop, DJ QBert & of course DJ Kair One himself. Cover art is made by Hex. Blood Donor Breaks 7″ coming soon to a record shop near you.

To match this fresh 7″ record release DJ Kair One made a looper with the same name and style. It’s 7 dope beats all produced by DJ Kair One. BPM range between 73 – 112 with the golden era feel. Keep your eyes open for Blood Donor Breaks 7″, and download Blood Donor Breaks looper on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

DJ Kair One – Blood Donor Breaks (7 beats)

01 DJ Kair One – Row – 112BPM

02 DJ Kair One – Mans – 100BPM

03 DJ Kair One – Five – 94BPM

04 DJ Kair One – Nine – 73BPM

05 DJ Kair One – By – 91BPM

06 DJ Kair One – His – 90BPM

07 DJ Kair One – Blood – 85BPM

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