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DJ Hypnotize - Primal Beats Vol.1 (Meltdown)

Skratch Society presents Primal Beats Vol.1 (Meltdown) by DJ Hypnotize. The Skratch Society founder and Dirtstyle producer brings you raw, gritty, dirty skratch beats for your scratching enjoyment. Primal Beats Vol.1 (Meltdown) is 14 dope beats, all produced by DJ Hypnotize. BPM range between 110 - 140. Download Primal Beats Vol.1 (Meltdown) on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Also, be on the look out for his upcoming release of the new Skratch Society 7”

scratch record. To be released soon, stay tuned!

DJ Hypnotize - Primal Beats Vol.1 (Meltdown) | TableBeats

DJ Hypnotize - Beatdown - 110BPM

DJ Hypnotize - BRICS on the 6th - 140BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Creeper Palmdemic Breaks - 122BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Cut Professor - 130BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Earthquake Machine HAARP Breaks - 123BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Eternos - 125BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Final Hour HAARP Breaks - 121BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Halos - 130BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Lure Identify Trafficking Breaks - 125BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Mental Warefare - 120BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Mole Man Intel Breaks - 125BPM

DJ Hypnotize - Rebel Friends - 120BPM

DJ Hypnotize - The Edge - 115BPM

DJ Hypnotize - This or That - 130BPM


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