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Carpal Cutters second looper Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison by Carpal Cutters | Zalamedia Artistry Zuckell Zalamedia Artistry Zuckell adds Pick Your Poison Looper

Pick Your Poison is looper number two by Carpal Cutters is now added to TableBeats Library. Pick Your Posion is a 10 beats looper produced by Zalamedia, Artistry & Zuckell. Make sure you follow Carpal Cutters on Instagram! (

Carpal Cutters – Pick Your Poison (10 beats)

Pick Your Poison (Carpal Cutters Looper v2)

Zalamedia – Vodka

Zalamedia – Danger

Zalamedia – DMT

Zalamedia – Peyote

Artistry – The Score

Artistry – Sunshine

Artistry – Mescaline

Zuckell – Telekinetic

Zuckell – My Secret

Zuckell – Classic Tendency

//Daniel Hulth  #TableBeatsApp


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