Carpal Cutters Looper v3

Zalamedia | FlipFlop | Bambu | DJ Artistry | JReign Carpal Cutters Looper v3 –

Carpal Cutters is out with a new dope looper. They always deliver dope loopers and on CC Looper v3 they got 13 dope beats by Zalamedia, DJ FlipFlop, DJ Bambu, DJ Artistry & JReign.  Download now and get funky with some dope beats! 

Carpal Cutters Looper v3 (13 beats)

Zalamedia – So-Soft Zalamedia – Vocal Cord Zalamedia – Crumble FlipFlop – Ram Status FlipFlop – Come At Me Bro FlipFlop – Bouncing On Strings Bambu – Skill Of Shaolin Bambu – Epic Ninjas DJ Artistry – Boogie Down Kutz DJ Artistry – No Short Kuts DJ Artistry – Skratch Master JReign – Slice Of Jupiter v2

Zalamedia | FlipFlop | Bambu | DJ Artistry | JReign

In the making of the full Carpal Cutters Documentary. Stay tuned!

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