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Bihari Designs – Self-Adhesive 7″ + Looper

Self-Adhesive 7″ + Looper by Bihari Designs

This looper was made for the world’s first self-adhesive 7” scratch record by Bihari Designs. Bihari Looper is 7 dope beats all produced by Sonny Kraft the 3X DMC Hungary Champ. Check the video below for more details on the self-adhesive 7″ scratch record picture disc and download Bihari Looper on TableBeats today! Get your copy of the self-adhesive 7″ scratch record at

Bihari Designs – Bihari Looper (7 beats)

01 Sonny Kraft – Self-Adhesive Scratch – 76BPM

02 Sonny Kraft – Demogorgon – 146BPM

03 Sonny Kraft – Hanzo Hasashi’s Revenge – 85BPM

04 Sonny Kraft – Zoro Beat – 79BPM

05 Sonny Kraft – Merc With A Mouth – 146BPM

06 Sonny Kraft – Leap Into A Tree – 89BPM

07 Sonny Kraft – Ash’s Chainsaw – 86BPM

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Connect with Bihari Designs:     

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