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Bihari Designs - Cobra Breaks 7” + Looper

Scratching Is A Disease. Meet The CureCobra Breaks 7” + Looper by Bihari Designs. Cobra Breaks 7” is a fresh scratch tool with unique skipless sentences for your scratching pleasure. You can find the badass record at HHV Records, check out the preview of the record below. To go with the 7” release they also put together a looper with fire beats by Lord Lorenz, Hanzee & KairOne. Cobra Breaks looper is 15 dope beats, 5 beats by each producer. BPM range between 71 - 135. Download Cobra Breaks on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Lord Lorenz - Cobra C64 - 126BPM

Hanzee - Wild Style - 100BPM

KairOne - And I Start Sucker - 100BPM

Lord Lorenz - Where The Law Stops - 128BPM

Hanzee - I’m The Cure - 135BPM

Lord Lorenz - Skratchin Is A Disease - 77BPM

KairOne - What Is, Pinche - 84BPM

Hanzee - Ain’t No Psycho - 85BPM

Lord Lorenz - Sucka - 90BPM

KairOne - What’s Your Problemas - 90BPM

Hanzee - Ese - 71BPM

Lord Lorenz - I Think This Time I Waste You - 84BPM

Hanzee - Clean Up Yo’ Act - 100BPM

Lord Lorenz - Get Ready - 97BPM

Hanzee - Chinga Tu Madre - 90BPM


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