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Arbon the Ghost and Sir Skulls - Ghosts and Skulls Vol.1

Producer & DJ based in Baltimore – Sir Skulls – teamed up with Seattle based producer & DJ – Arbon the Ghost – to release the first collaboration looper in the Ghost and Skulls looper series to TableBeats library. Ghost and Skulls Vol.1 is 10 dope beats, 5 beats by Arbon the Ghost and 5 beats by Sir Skulls. BPM range between 72 - 175. Download Ghosts and Skulls Vol.1 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Arbon the Ghost - SMASH - 82BPM

Sir Skulls - Optical Illusion - 130BPM

Arbon the Ghost - CRUSH - 76BPM

Sir Skulls - The Cycle - 110BPM

Arbon the Ghost - PLAYN - 72BPM

Sir Skulls - Style Proof - 100BPM

Arbon the Ghost - CANDY - 84BPM

Sir Skulls - Course of Action - 100BPM

Arbon the Ghost - BANG - 72BPM

Sir Skulls - To the Moon - 175BPM


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