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Zuckell - Looper 41

Our UK brother and super producer – Zuckell – is now adding Looper 41 to TableBeats library. Looper 41 is 10 dope beats all produced by Zuckell. BPM range between 90 - 180. Download Looper 41 on TableBeats today and get busy with it! Also, it’s Zuckell’s 25th birthday today. Okey, maybe not his 25th, but it is his birthday nonetheless. So, give him some great love and happy birthday wishes – Zuckell on Instagram. Happy birthday my friend! Thank you for bringing fire beats to the scene, and for being an awesome dude.

Zuckell - Castle & Elephant - 95BPM

Zuckell - Bowers Theme - 124BPM

Zuckell - Two Distant Hands - 140BPM

Zuckell - Tied To The Mast - 180BPM

Zuckell - Lemon - 175BPM

Zuckell - Temptris - 90BPM

Zuckell - Inner Circle - 140BPM

Zuckell - Who Really - 145BPM

Zuckell - Bulshar - 175BPM

Zuckell - Fill The Gaps - 150BPM


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