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Zerp Beats by DJ Zerp

Zerp Beats by DJ Zerp DJ Zerp adds Zerp Beats

Jason Hart aka DJ Zerp from Connecticut is now featured on TableBeats. Zerp Beats is 14 dope beats ready for next session.  DJ Zerp is not only making dope beats he also got a radio show, Zerp Radio. You can find Zerp Radio via TuneIn App or visit Make sure you tune in at 6pm EST every Thursday to catch his Turntablism show with different artists showing their craft. If you miss the show at 6pm just catch the replay of the show at 7pm or 8pm EST. 

 DJ Zerp – Zerp Beats (14 beats)

1 Spacey 62BPM 2 Deeply Light 96BPM 3 Dig It 93BPM 4 Distance 85BPM 5 Krank 135BPM 6 Jupiter 80BPM 7 Plastic 85BPM 8 Ganymede 62BPM 9 Bounce 66BPM 10 Beck 131BPM 11 Uptown 115BPM 12 Elevate 90BPM 13 TwiddleyDee 145BPM 14 Classic 76BPM


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