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Vin – Horror Beats Part 1

Horror Beats Part 1 by Vin

The versatile producer, Vin, who master several styles, horrorcore, death rap, heavy metal rap, grime, just to name a few, is now adding his first looper to TableBeats library. Horror Beats Part 1, 7 dope beats all produced by Vin, in a death rap/horror style. Check track list below, with BPM.

”Through the music I create/record,… I like to invoke & capture intense unsettling feelings of- horror, pain, realism, the struggle, paranoia, tension, dread, impending doom, anger,  violence, brutality, redemption, hype-hate, love, heart break, mystery, suspense, the unknown, real life & lots of other thought provoking imagery & extreme emotions….” -Vin

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Vin – Horror Beat Part 1 (7 beats)

01 Micro Chipped – 90BPM

02 Supa Villin – 132BPM

03 August Rain – 146BPM

04 Vampire Killer – 137BPM

05 The Cube Part 1- 110BPM

06 The Cube Part 2 – 110BPM

07 Whiptoe – 102BPM


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