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The Wodka - CANTSTAPO + Scratch Contest

We Only Drink Karma Again – from Russia with a fresh looper + a scratch contest on Instagram. More info below. CANTSTAPO looper is 12 dope beats all produced by The Wodka. BPM range between 80 - 172.

How to participate in the Instagram CANTSTAPO scratch contest:

  1. Choose a beat from this looper (CANTSTAPO by The Wodka).

  2. Do a scratch routine video from 45 sec – 1 minute.

  3. Follow and tag @tablebeats, @the_wodka & @lobitobrigante.

  4. Add hashtag #tablebeats & #cantstapo.

Three Winners Get:

Post your scratch video before November 8th to participate. Winners will be announced shortly after. Judged by Lobito Brigante.

Download CANTSTAPO on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

The Wodka - Battle Of Gods - 115BPM

The Wodka - Why 80s Sucks - 108BPM

The Wodka - Rude Boi - 172BPM

The Wodka - Heaven Rains - 133BPM

The Wodka - Rave Junk - 77BPM

The Wodka - Street Feel - 126BPM

The Wodka - Breath Control - 161BPM

The Wodka - Favela Joint - 96BPM

The Wodka - Bambaataa - 102BPM

The Wodka - Miami Weedy - 117BPM

The Wodka - Jail Brother - 92BPM

The Wodka - Nelly - 167BPM


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