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Speed Trainer Looper by DJ DSK

Speed Trainer Looper by DJ DSK

New beats are added to the TableBeats library. DJ DSK brings you ‘Speed Trainer’ looper. 13 funky beats with a range of 65-125 BPM. Learn to master your scratches in different tempo and styles. Download TableBeats free on the App Store today! 

“So the idea of this looper is to work out new scratches slowly then to gradually work up your speed. First work out the new scratch with no music, then start at a BPM of 65 with your new scratch. When you get the scratch down at that speed work your way up the tempos until you reach 125 BPM. Now go back to 65 BPM and get the scratch down at double speed and work you way back up the tempos. I hope this looper is useful and please feel free to provide any feedback.”

Music by DJ DSK Artwork by Matt Diamond 

From The UK to Asia Funking up The World!

By 2015 DSK will have relocated back to the UK and released his 2nd studio album and toured with Akil from Jurassic 5 (U.S.A.), Mystro (U.K.) and Gobshite (U.K.) as well as with some of China’s leading artists. He will also be producing a series of performances using Maschine (live music) along with his usual crafty DJing skills, also not forgetting his popular monthly night “Future Funk” .

After 25 years of DJing and 15 years of producing music, DJ DSK has achieved a lot on different sides of the globe. From India to China, to the U.K., your man has been mixing and scratching in clubs, festivals and for prestigious brand promotions. DSK has organized shows and played for a diverse range of clients, from the President of Germany and the German Embassy, to the Shanghai World Expo, the Jarin Indonesian Music Festival, New Delhi Light and Stage Show, London Croydon Council (U.K.), and judged the renowned DMC DJ competition.

Currently based in the UK, after spending 15 years in Asia, he has been featured in a variety of Chinese media and was the first DJ to perform live on CCTV — China’s main TV network. He has spun music for prestigious hip-hop dance events, including BOTY, Freestyle Session, Red Bull, U.K. B-Boy champs, and B-Boy World, in Asia and in Europe. DSK can be found rocking R&B, Funk, Reggae, Mash-Ups, Bass, Electro, House and his specialty: Old Funk/Soul and Hip-Hop. Always keeping it fresh and exciting, dropping the old classics and the new jams using his second to none scratching and mixing expertise.

Working the club/festival circuit as a performer and organizer, he has put together numerous “special shows” that incorporates live music and art. His skill caught the attention of Numark/Akai and Alesis and was hired to act as their representative DJ to showcase new DJ and production equipment throughout Asia. In order to pass on his artistry, he regularly teaches workshops to upcoming DJs and producers.

DSK’s musical productions have been released on international labels: Tru Thoughts (UK), S.O.S (Germany), STN (U.K.), Unity (China) and featured in BBC documentaries. His mixesand videos for the giant sneaker distributer Sole Heaven, brought in the highest downloads and plays in the series. In turn, beating heavyweights such as Stanton Warriors, Goldie, the Hoxton Whores and many others.

(Biography taken from

//Daniel Hulth


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