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Skratcher – Apex 7″

The Skratcher fam – Wundrkut, Paul Skratch & Mike MSA – just dropped Apex 7″, the follow up release to Demonio Breaks and release number two on Skratcher Records, by Wundrkut, Paul Skratch and Mike MSA. The second release in a series of three scratch records. Apex 7″ featuring melodic scales and tones to create music with your portables/turntables. Including two locked beats for transitioning or to cut with.

Apex 7″ is pressed on black vinyl, sounds by Wundrkut, art by Paul Skratch and produced by Mike MSA. Apex 7″ and Demonio Breaks 7″ is both available via & Collect them all before they’re sold out!

Keep an eye open on Portablist’s YouTube channel for an upcoming review of Apex 7″ by Paul Skratch. Meanwhile, check the preview of Demonio Breaks 7″ below, and yourself a copy or two.


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