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Skratch Snobs – Ye vs Tay 7″ + Looper

Mike C & AkikoLUV is Skratch Snobs and they recently released Ye vs Tay 7″ skratch record + a matching looper. The record is packed with skratch samples composed of sounds from Kanye, and Taylor songs – the never ending beef. Mike C & AkikoLUV have worked hard on putting together the kind of samples that sound and feel good to cut with. Ye samples on side A, and Tay samples on side B. A total of twelve skipless tracks plus two hidden Easter eggs. Mastered by DJ FlipFlop. Ye vs Tay 7″  skratch record can be purchased here.

To go with Ye vs Tay 7″ they also produced a looper with the same name. It’s 13 dope beats produced by Mike C & AkikoLUV aka Skratch Snobs. BPM range between 82 – 148. Download Ye vs Tay looper on TableBeats today and get beefy with it!

01 Skratch Snobs – All Day – 140BPM

02 Skratch Snobs – Glow [Ye] – 140BPM

03 Skratch Snobs – K00 – 148BPM

04 Skratch Snobs – K01 – 103.6BPM

05 Skratch Snobs – K02 – 80.7BPM

06 Skratch Snobs – KLL – 120BPM

07 Skratch Snobs – Shake It Off [Tay] – 82BPM

08 Skratch Snobs – T00 – 80.7BPM

09 Skratch Snobs – T01 – 144.4BPM

10 Skratch Snobs – T02 – 103BPM

11 Skratch Snobs – T03 – 119.5BPM

12 Skratch Snobs – TBB – 85BPM

13 Skratch Snobs – Yikes Drunk Love [Ye] – 140BPM


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Available via iOS App Store.

Available via iOS App Store.

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