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Ritchie Ruftone presents Practice Yo! Cuts Christmas Looper

Practice Yo! Cuts Christmas Looper presented by Ritchie Ruftone DMC World Champion & IDA World Champion

Ritchie Ruftone is back with another Practice Yo! Cuts Looper! This time it’s a Christmas special. 26 dope beats plus 10 bonus beats plus an 7 extra beats exclusive on TableBeats. All gathered in one nice christmas package. Please be patient when downloading due to large file size.

Ritchie Ruftone – Practice Yo! Cuts Christmas Looper 2015

Nobodi da Vinylist – 55BPM

M.Cue – 70BPM

Electrofood CH – 71BPM

Kebzer – 74BPM

Chinmachine – 75BPM

Noka – 75BPM

Jam – 79BPM

DJ Misu – 83BPM

Ritchie Ruftone – 83BPM

DJ Rasp – 85BPM

Jimmy Penguin – 90BPM

DJ Misu – 93BPM

NTone – 93BPM

DJ Chell – 100BPM

DJ Shubin – 128BPM

Plato – 130BPM

HZA/DJ Hypnotize – 133BPM

DJ Daredevil – 135BPM

DJ Woody – 135BPM

HZA/DJ Hypnotize – 140BPM

Schmokrokaz – 140BPM

Daykin – 150BPM

Symatic – 150BPM

Zuckell – 150BPM

DJ Rasp – 160BPM

sXriptures – 170BPM (7/8)

Jeppa – 175BPM

Bonus Beats:

Pete Sasqwax – 60BPM

Pete Sasqwax – 67BPM

Pete Sasqwax – 73BPM Pete Sasqwax – 82BPM Pete Sasqwax – 84BPM Redmist – 90BPM Ritchie Ruftone – 140BPM Symatic – 148BPM DJ Odilon – 171BPM 

TableBeats Exclusive: DJ Misu – 84BPM DJ Rasp – 90BPM Thatkidnamedcee – 88BPM DJ Misu – 84BPM DJ Rasp – 90BPM HZA/DJ Hypnotize – 120BPM HZA/DJ Hypnotize – 140BPM Redmist – 162BPM 

Make sure you get your copy of  Ritchie Ruftone’s Practice Yo! Cuts 12″ scratch records. Get the records among other scratch related stuff at

Ritchie Ruftone + DJ Woody – Practice Yo Cuts Vol2

//Daniel Hulth  #TableBeatsApp


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