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Redmist – Mental Worms 3 + 12″

Mental Worms 3 by Redmist

Now adding part three of Mental Worms Looper by Redmist. Mental Worms 3 is 7 dope beats all produced by Redmist. This makes it 21 beats in the Mental Worms series. Download them all on TableBeats and get busy with it!

Redmist is one of Chile‘s leading underground scratch musician and have just released Improvise Wisely 12″, his vinyl debut, via Cut & Paste Records. Improvise Wisely 12″ is a super advanced scratch library by Redmist. Skipless scratch sentences on both sides (vocal, percussion, bass, synth). The sounds have been arranged in a geometric pattern, so once the user has chosen a starting point, they can easily visualize where corresponding notes, beats and scales are on the record surface. A super advanced, Jazz-inspired scratch record and a must have for scratch musicians. Get your copy of Improvise Wisely 12″ at and get funky with it!

Redmist – Mental Worms 3 (7 beats)

01 Beat 15 – 151BPM

02 Beat 16 – 80BPM

03 Beat 17 – 78BPM

04 Beat 18 – 153BPM

05 Beat 19 – 145BPM

06 Beat 20 – 85BPM

07 Beat 21 – 145BPM


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