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RΛMΙΠ BΞHZΛD - Just Loop And Scratch

The first looper – Just Loop And Scratch – from PortablismGear by RΛMΙΠ BΞHZΛD is now added to TableBeats library. It´s 5 dope beats all produced by RΛMΙΠ BΞHZΛD. BPM range between 90 - 115. Download Just Loop And Scratch on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

RΛMΙΠ BΞHZΛD - 90s Flavor - 95BPM

RΛMΙΠ BΞHZΛD - Boom Bizzle - 95BPM

RΛMΙΠ BΞHZΛD - New Jack Scratch - 115BPM

RΛMΙΠ BΞHZΛD - Sleazy Cut - 90BPM

RΛMΙΠ BΞHZΛD - Urban Mob - 92BPM


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