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Portablist Lounge — Event + Looper V1

Event + Looper V1 — Portablist Lounge

Turntable Training Wax + Magma + Jesse Dean Designs presents Portablist Lounge. If you’re a portablist you do not want to miss this event. Ritchie Ruftone, Swiftstyle, DJ Sidwilson (Slipknot) & Jesse Dean will be hosting so you know it’s going to be dope. The 2 day Portablist Lounge event will take place on 22-23rd October 2017, within the BPM/PRO show at the Genting Arena in Birmingham, UK. (Booth FX17).

Portablist Lounge, the dopest portablist event of the year! There will be a Lounge area to relax and talk all things portable with likeminded people, equipment to trial, cyphers to cut it up in, products for sale, turntable/portable modification area, lots of free stuff, awesome raffle prizes, plus a Portablist Lounge battle!

Click here for more info about the event & tickets for general admission. Registration for the Portablist Lounge battle can be found here. Plus Portablist Lounge Looper V1, check it out below.

With this dope event they have also put together a looper, Portablist Lounge Looper V1. It’s 25 dope beats by 25 dope producers. This looper has a wide range of BPM and styles, read full list below. Download Portablist Lounge V1 on TableBeats today and practice yo cuts!

01 AxlPlato – Til Barna – 135BPM

02 Anonimus – Baybay – 86BPM

03 DJ DSK – LSD – 70BPM

04 DJ Jam – Skratch Loop – 138BPM

05 DJ Odilon – Act Right – 96BPM

06 DJ Rakim – Story Teller – 90BPM

07 DJ Rasp – The Possums Spectacles – 86BPM

08 DJ Rock Well – Heavy Nod – 69BPM

09 Electrofood – Beat Look Repchatyj – 83BPM

10 Lone Wolf – They’re Here – 140BPM

11 Muzka – Jam Maker – 87BPM

12 O-One – Finish Him – 75BPM

13 Own Dialect – Angels On Fix – 144BPM

14 Po-Bhoy – Yes Indeed – 100BPM

15 Ritchie Ruftone – OP1 – 74BPM

16 Serum – Scratch – 138BPM

17 Substrate – Trichome – 95BPM

18 Swiftstyle – Brum Bass – 100BPM

19 Symatic – Last Compound – 89BPM

20 TAPEFIVE – Portablist – 100BPM

21 Tieno Tablist – Fryan – 77BPM

22 Tragic Pro – 31 – 90BPM

23 Vin Steezel – Jun Jun – 86BPM

24 Vix – Cats – 87BPM

25 Zuckell – Auxiliary Road – 145BPM

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Available via iOS App Store.

Available via iOS App Store.

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