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Portablism Bristol - South West Scratch Linkup Vol.1

Portable scratch link up goes down tomorrow, 14th august, at The Old Stillage in UK, Bristol. Event and looper presented by Portablism Bristol. South West Scratch Linkup Vol.1 looper is 14 dope beats produced by No Akari, Smoking KutZ, Symatic, MikeyDubz, Norwood Bass Cartel, The Blazing Saddles & Mordor. BPM range between 83 - 175. Download South West Scratch Linkup Vol.1 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

No Akari - The Blues - 130BPM

Smokin KutZ - Crazt Times - 98BPM

Symatic - Unlock - 113BPM

MikeyDubz - The Link - 108BPM

Norwood Bass Cartel - Binary - 127BPM

Norwood Bass Cartel - Patience - 133BPM

The Blazing Saddles - Little Drop Of Horrors - 128BPM

Mordor - Fallen Heroes - 175BPM

Norwood Bass Cartel - Creation - 140BPM

Smokin KutZ - Wavey - 90BPM


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