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Peter Spacey – Spacey Beats 4 Scratch

Peter Spacey is the stage name of the Tel-Aviv, Israel based DJ and producer Omer Luz. Best known for his glitched grooves and spacey beats. Peter Spacey is now adding his first solo looper, Spacey Beats 4 Scratch, to TableBeats library. It’s 8 dope beats all produced by Peter Spacey. BPM range between 78 – 160. Download Spacey Beats 4 Scratch on TableBeats today and get spaced out with it!

Although coming from a traditional jazz background as a trained keyboard player, he spent his free time mastering his turntablism and DJ skills, using the turntable as a musical instrument and as a production tool for more than a decade.

Spacey is also part of – ChokeThe Beat Orchestra. A group of 3 beat makers that combing live beats, unique performance style and mesmerizing visual. Watch Choke & Peter Spacey – Who’s This?! video below.

01 Peter Spacey – Let Them Have It – 78BPM

02 Peter Spacey – Angry Shapes – 82BPM

03 Peter Spacey – Kiko – 90BPM

04 Peter Spacey – Funky Bucket – 112BPM

05 Peter Spacey – Pinki – 110BPM

06 Peter Spacey – Fungi – 164BPM

07 Peter Spacey – Shimer – 160BPM


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