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Peff – Chemical Solution Vol 1

Peter Fridén aka Peff, from Sweden, is the drummer of Gatans Lag, one of the most popular Oi! punk bands in Sweden. Peff is also a guitarist and producer of Volver, which recently got named in a book by PunkOnline about the top 43 punk albums of 2018. Chemical Solution Vol 1 is Peff’s first looper release. It’s 5 dope beats, all produced by Peff. BPM range between 100 – 160. Download Chemical Solution Vol 1 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

01 Peff – Zip Bag – 148BPM

02 Peff – Fresh Harvest – 130BPM

03 Peff – Those Tiny Small – 100BPM

04 Peff – Hunting – 160BPM

05 Peff – Victory – 120BPM


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