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Paul Skratch - Wundr Flow

From the Skratcher fam comes Paul Skratch adding a very special looper – Wundr Flow – to TableBeats library. Paul Skratch is dedicating Wundr Flow to our late scratch brother Eric Wundrkut Cardeno. All beats are made with Wundrkut in mind. Paul really did a great work putting these beats together, heavy hitters all thru. Wundr Flow is 10 dope beats all produced by Paul Skratch. BPM range between 77 - 140. Share and check out loads of dope videos dedicated to the one and only Wundrkut at #WundrkutForever on IG.

Wundr Flow - Alpha Kenny One - 77BPM

Wundr Flow - Howry Cow - 90BPM

Wundr Flow - Knuckled - 80BPM

Wundr Flow - Mike Tython - 78BPM

Wundr Flow - Paul Sating - 125BPM

Wundr Flow - Retro Bush - 137BPM

Wundr Flow - Smell Like Moths - 94BPM

Wundr Flow - Super Gropper - 96BPM

Wundr Flow - Sweep The Face - 85BPM

Wundr Flow - The Heavy - 88BPM

Wundr Flow - Reverse Back Hand - 140BPM


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