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Nemcis – Pruritus

Pruritus by Nemcis

Another dope looper release from the Skratcher, Lost Tone Pros & Carpal Cutters fam. This time it’s Nemcis and his third looper on TableBeats. Pruritus Looper is 8 dope beats all produced by Nemcis. Download Pruritus on TableBeats today and start your session!

01 Boom Box – 80BPM

02 Drop It Hard – 156BPM

03 Elektricute – 125BPM

04 New BOOMz – 80BPM

05 New Dope IZMS – 84BPM

06 Retribution – 150BPM

07 Sentimental – 130BPM

08 Shut It Down – 150BPM

#Loopers #Nemcis #Skratcher #CarpalCutters #LostTonePros

Available via iOS App Store.

Available via iOS App Store.

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