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Molotov - Flare from the Crypt

From the misty Canadian Pacific Northwest comes DJ & producer – Molotov – raised in Boom Bap and trained in the art of Turntablism. Now crafting beats for fellow scratchers. His loops are heavy on Hiphop, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, LoFi, Trap and Glitch. Flares from the Crypt is 11 dope beats and Molotov’s 15th solo looper on TableBeats. Dark and ominous – just in time for Halloween. BPM range between 90 - 160. Molotov brings you some spooky tunes to get your scratch on. Download Flares from the Crypt on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Molotov - Heavy Breathing - 120BPM

Molotov - The Lastest Victim - 150BPM

Molotov - All Alone - 140BPM

Molotov - Pocket Dimension - 135BPM

Molotov - Doom Bap - 90BPM

Molotov - Time for Def - 70BPM

Molotov - Rogue Cyborg - 140BPM

Molotov - Rain Storm - 95BPM

Molotov - Hellin a Cell - 130BPM

Molotov - Mad Scientist - 130BPM

Molotov - Blood Red - 160BPM


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