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Molotov - Black Neon

From the misty Canadian Pacific Northwest comes DJ & super producer – Molotov – raised in Boom Bap and trained in the art of Turntablism. Now crafting beats for fellow scratchers. His beats are heavy on Hip Hop, Electro, Techno, Dubstep, LoFi, Trap, and Glitch

Now adding Black Neon – a new looper for Molotov and a bit of a departure stylistically. Black Neon is filled with 8 dope beats of his favorite screeches, bloops, squibs and bass from genres like Glitch and Drum and Bass. BPM range between 90 - 140. Download Black Neon on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Molotov - Black Neon | TableBeats

Molotov - Broken Scarb - 90BPM

Molotov - Gritty Von Kranky Pants - 140BPM

Molotov - Tokyo Death Squad - 120BPM

Molotov - Stop &. Glitch - 96BPM

Molotov - Upset Reset - 100BPM

Molotov - Poolside Criminal - 127BPM

Molotov - Crayon Eater -110BPM

Molotov - BRO - 140BPM


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