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Lost Tone Pros & Skratcher – Bubonic 7″ + Looper

Bubonic by Lost Tone Pros & Skratcher

Lost Tone Pros & Skratcher collaborated and made Bubonic 7″ scratch record + new looper. Bubonic Looper. 13 dope beats by Nemcis, DJ A1, Jewlz, JReign, Lodus, Mike MSA, Paul Skratch, Shotta Dubz, StuntsOne, Underkut, Wundrkut & Zalamedia. Download Bubonic Looper on TableBeats now and get busy with it!

I you haven’t ordered the Bubonic 7″ scratch record yet there’s a few copies left at Act fast!

Lost Tone Pros & Skratcher – Bubonic Looper (13 beats)

01 Nemcis 140BPM

02 DJ A1 158BPM

03 Jewlz 90BPM

04 JReign 148BPM

05 Lodus 01 148BPM

06 Lodus 02 136BPM

07 Mike MSA 134BPM

08 Paul Skratch 120BPM

09 Shottadubz 80BPM

10 StuntsOne 145BPM

11 Underkut 108BPM

12 Wundrkut 82BPM

13 Zalamedia 80BPM


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