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Lone Wolf – NozL Looper 10

NozL Looper 10 by Lone Wolf

From the UK and the man behind NozL Recordings, Lone Wolf, is now adding NozL Looper 10 to TableBeats library. As this is Lone Wolf’s 10th looper in the series, but the first on TableBeats, you can expect a few more loopers by Lone Wolf to come. NozL Looper 10 is 9 dope beats all produced by Lone Wolf. BPM range between 137 – 150. Download NozL Looper 10 on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Lone Wolf – NozL Looper 10 (9 beats)

01 Lone Wolf – Skratch Freaks – 138BPM

02 Lone Wolf – Mr Eastwodd – 137BPM

03 Lone Wolf – Altered Beast Returns – 138BPM

04 Lone Wolf – Voodoo – 138BPM

05 Lone Wolf – Rise Up – 143BPM

06 Lone Wolf – Fear – 143BPM

07 Lone Wolf – Beverly Hills – 142BPM

08 Lone Wolf – Aliens – 150BPM

09 Lone Wolf – Voodoo (Slow) – 138BPM

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Available via iOS App Store.

Available via iOS App Store.

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