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LA.D.DA - Legends Never Die

Based in Texas, USA comes DJ & producer and founder of Texas Scratch LeagueLA.D.DA – back with a fire looper, Legends Never Die. The title definitely match the beats. Legends Never Die is 7 dope beats, all produced by LA.D.DA. BPM range between 64 - 88. Download Legends Never Die on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

LA.D.DA is not only making beats and scratch records, he also does sound design, mixing and mastering at studio G.O.A.T.S Only, + some great courses and more on the field on his website. Check out LA.D.DA's services, drum loops and more at, & @goatsonlyrecordingstudio on Instagram.

LA.D.DA - Battle Box - 87BPM

LA.D.DA - Fire It Up - 83BPM

LA.D.DA - Heat Rock - 85BPM

LA.D.DA - Horror - 64BPM

LA.D.DA - Missile Out - 80BPM

LA.D.DA - Over Heated - 77BPM

LA.D.DA - We Go Like This - 88BPM


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