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L.Hundo - Skratch Faces

From Coachella Valley, California comes Lost Tone Pros & Skratcher Coachella member – L.Hundo – adding another fire looper, Skratch Faces, to TableBeats’ library. Skratch Faces is 17 dope beats all produced by L.Hundo. BPM range between 52 - 184. Download Skratch Faces on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

L.Hundo of Lost Tone Pros and Skratcher Coachella is back with a variety of beats that will have you unlocking styles, patterns, and more skills! This looper project will bring out your "Skratch Face"! You know what I'm talking about... if not, go skratch in front of the mirror or record yourself when you're IN THE ZONE. this looper project is perfect for phrase skratching, and if you wanna' experiment, drop some acapellas over these beats! And of course the OG ahhhh is perfect if you wanna get loose! These beats might even have you and your homies freestyle rhyming while you're waiting for your turn to skratch! I didn't realize I've been making beats for quite some time now until this project was finished. One beat was made 12 years ago, another was made last week, and everything else is in between! This project is dedicated once again to the ones who took the time to tell me they enjoy cutting to my beats! Thank you! I do this for yall! — L.Hundo

L.Hundo - Hundos World - 74BPM

L.Hundo - Two Steppin - 118BPM

L.Hundo - Da Noise Maker - 72BPM

L.Hundo - Mega Vibe - 160BPM

L.Hundo - Get Nice Now - 61BPM

L.Hundo - Medieval Pub - 90BPM

L.Hundo - GOD Willing - 89BPM

L.Hundo - Que Sigue - 92BPM

L.Hundo - Skratch Wizards - 52BPM

L.Hundo - The World Keeps Turning - 118BPM

L.Hundo - Lights Out - 85BPM

L.Hundo - Twelve Years Ago - 184BPM

L.Hundo - La Vida - 103BPM

L.Hundo - Slash Masters - 74BPM

L.Hundo - Feed the Guest - 87BPM

L.Hundo - The Ritual - 75BPM

L.Hundo - We Aint Playin - 125BPM


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