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Joey Kindz - Make ’em Skratch to This

From Santa Ana, California comes Joey Kindz and releases his fourth solo looper – Make ’em Skratch to This – to TableBeats library. It’s 8 dope beats all produced by Joey Kindz. BPM range between 87 - 175. Download Make ’em Skratch to This on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Joey Kindz - Make ’em Skratch to This - 92BPM

Joey Kindz - Red Alert - 87BPM

Joey Kindz - Chopping up Keys - 155BPM

Joey Kindz - The Funk - 90BPM

Joey Kindz - Swamp Thing - 87BPM

Joey Kindz - Brutal Drums - 175BPM

Joey Kindz - Metal Idols - 88BPM

Joey Kindz - Brutal Beat - 150BPM


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