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Jimmy Penguin – Lemon Pocket

Lemon Pocket by Jimmy Penguin

One of Ireland’s foremost electronic musicians and skratch DJs, Jimmy Penguin, is releasing a new dope hip hop album on Cut & Paste Records, Lemon Pocket. It’s a collection of untitled beats for you all to listen to, cut to, rhyme to, travel to… You will find this album on Cut & Paste Records and you will also find loops from the album in TableBeats library. It’s 10 dope beats all produced on a phone by Jimmy Penguin.

Download Lemon Pocket Loops on TableBeats today and get the full album HERE.

01 Loop 01 – 79.5BPM

02 Loop 02 – 69BPM

03 Loop 03 – 83BPM

04 Loop 04 – 73BPM

05 Loop 05 – 92BPM

06 Loop 06 – 93BPM

07 Loop 07 – 79.5BPM

08 Loop 08 – 79.5BPM

09 Loop 09 – 79.5BPM

10 Loop 10 – 80BPM

#CutampPasteRecords #JimmyPenguin #Loopers

Available via iOS App Store.

Available via iOS App Store.

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