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Fresh Pizza Slices 7″ + Extra Toppings Looper

Fresh Pizza Slices 7″ + Extra Toppings

DJ Esquire, DJ FlipFlop & Kurteek is out with Fresh Pizza Slices and they’re adding Extra Toppings Looper to TableBeats library. 8 dope beats is featured on the Extra Toppings, make sure you place an order. Purchase Fresh Pizza Slices 7″ at, and download the Extra Toppings Looper on TableBeats now!

Battle Avenue – Extra Toppings (8 beats)

01 DJ Esquire – Extra pizza Toppings 85BPM

02 DJ Esquire – Garlic Knots 87BPM

03 DJ Esquire – No Anchovies Please 120BPM

04 DJ Esquire – Papa John’s Lament 95BPM

05 DJ FlipFLip – A Little Saucey 93BPM

06 DJ FlipFlop – Todays Special 134.5BPM

07 Kurteek – Extra Toppings 120BPM

08 Kurteek – Pizza Loop Stranger 82BPM


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