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Founder of TableBeats; Daniel Hulth and the story behind

Daniel Hulth Founder & Owner of TableBeats

Scratching have been a big interest of mine since I tried it the first time when I was 12 back in the late 90’s. Bought my first set short after. Had my dream set, two Technics 1210 and Vestax 05 pro II. But, I had to sell my whole set some years later, including all vinyls, cause I was broke and was in need of money for some stupid thing i don’t remember. I still regret it til this day, arghh! 2014 was the year I came back to scratching again from being away for almost 8 years. It feels good! I love scratching and how it makes me forget everything else. It’s like meditation for me. It’s Awesome! I have some personal issues and haven’t been able to work for a couple of years. Finally I had an opportunity to start my own business and at that time I was scratching a lot. I didn’t have much beats I could loop for my practice sessions and I wanted to be able to scratch for hours sometimes. And thats when the idea for TableBeats came up. Because of the issues I have I was getting extra help with the company part. So I started to plan on how the app should work. First I wanted to call it TurnBeats, because I thought it sounded cool. But then, my brother in law Magnus said “You should call it TableBeats. Cause you lay it on the table and the content is beats”. Whoa!! TableBeats is perfect! Thank you, Magnus! 🙂 After lots of planing, mailing and calling different people I could finally begin the process of building the app. I don’t have much programming skills but I was lucky enough to have a skater friend who’s a really skilled programmer. He works with this on his free time and I appreciate it a lot. It wouldn’t be what it is without your expertis. Thank you, Daniel Nilson! Keep up the good work! While the programming part was settled I still had the design part to do. I had some photoshop knowledge before and I created a prototype design and then went to Tony Boufadene at Unikum Tattoo, where my brother, Patrik Sjöstjärna, also works, check them out, Tony helped me with the basics in photoshop, how to use the effects and what to think of when designing. I got enough knowledge from him to do the designing myself and I think it turn out pretty good. Thank you, Tony for taking time and learning me! 🙂

TableBeats has lots of beatmakers who have contributed amounts of beats. And they’re really dope too! I’ve got the opportunity to connect with lots of awesome beatmakers and dj’s around the world. I really appreciate what you guys do, big up! The beatmakers info and contact is placed on TableBeats blog. Connect with new fans or even a collaboration. And at the same time contribute to the Hip hop & scratch culture. I’d like give special thanks to Dj Hypnotize, Dj Odilon and Beats You Up who believed in the idea and sent me beats without have tried or seen the app. Thank you for the trust! I hope I won’t let you down.

I’ve been working a lot with this project and have learned a lot on the way too. I’ve made many new friends from all around the world. Great amount of talented dj’s out there! This app is for you guys! 🙂 If you think TableBeats seems like a nice practice tool for Hiphop heads.. Please(!) share it on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere, I appreciate it all! TableBeats can’t make it without your help. It’s ad-funded and therefore totally free. You get access to a great amount of awesome Hiphop beats by dope beatmakers. So, please share! 🙂

//Daniel Hulth #TableBeats

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