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Durian - Skratch Drillz

DJ & producer from NetherlandsDurian – is adding another fire looper – Skratch Drillz - to TableBeats library. Skratch Drillz is 8 dope beats all produced by Durian. This one is a little bit different from other loopers by Durian. Skratch Drillz is a looper experimented with rhythms, and is focused on drill beats with a great practice BPM range of 138 - 165. Download Skratch Drillz on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

Durian - Le7nesh - 142BPM

Durian - Rwina - 139BPM

Durian - Khatar - 141BPM

Durian - Ibe3esh - 140BPM

Durian - Sel3a - 138BPM

Durian - Kifesh - 143BPM

Durian - Bsahtek - 140BPM

Durian - Skratch Drillz - 165BPM


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