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Featured Beatmaker DJ TeeOh “The Official”’s Partner DJ – DJ TeeOh

DJ TeeOh from Atlanta drops 14 neat beats. Skratch Beats Vol. 1 contains 13 beats in a wide range of BPM & style. Download TableBeats free on the App Store and start your nonstop session with beats by “The Official” DJ TeeOh & many more.

DJ TeeOh – Skratch Beats Vol. 1

“The Official” DJ TeeOh Biography (Taken from It wasn’t long before his family knew music was his calling and, ever since he started drumming at age 6, DJ TeeOh has been a staple in the music scene. TeeOh began playing in bands that performed birthday parties, booked for school events, and much more. However, his aspirations to be a musician ran deeper than that. Over the next 12 years TeeOh found himself progressing from drumming, to singing performances and dancing which quickly planted the seeds for his future as a DJ and Producer.

Becoming a DJ was no easy task as with anything one strives to master. It began one day during a practice drum session in his parents basement in Atlanta, GA. TeeOh was home alone and rocking the windows out with the stereo on full blast. The basement stardom was brought to a screeching halt when his last pair of drumsticks shattered. Damn! With his adrenaline pumping and the musical creativity flowing he needed some way to convey it. THERE…. across the room….in the glass case, sat a Pioneer PL-990 Fully Automatic Turntable. He had never used one but definitely watched in amazement as legends such as Mixmaster Mike and Roc Raida ripped it up on records. Hell, what could be so hard about it? Little did he know that would start him on the journey of his life. Well, that and the whipping he got for destroying the Cameo ‘Word Up’ album his mother loved.

He grabbed whatever programs and hardware he could find at yard sales and relative’s basements. It wasn’t enough to just play the music, he wanted to world to hear it how he heard it. So by the age of 17, DJ TeeOh was already producing his own instrumentals and composing songs. Unfortunately his talents lie in other areas than singing. Recognizing that he sought out artists; rappers, singers, musicians. Being versatile made TeeOh a valuable resource. In the late 90s and early 2000s, a rap group that opened for Soujah Boy was short a dancer. “Teach me the routine” was all he said, 15 minutes before the scheduled show time. This is how DJ TeeOh met DJ Prince (NY) and DJ Savvy (NC) and quickly became known as the “Dancing DJ”; from there the sky was the limit.

In the next 10 years TeeOh found himself on stages from Virginia to North Carolina, Atlanta to Miami, and Cali to Japan. TeeOh’s professionalism and skills are widely respected and became officially recognized when he was signed to Syndicate Family Records (SFRecords). His talents were on full display when he won the 2012 DJ Slam Contest in Japan and won him sponsorships with, Mixtube, 98.2 TheBeat, and Crane DJ Hardware. He also landed shows with artists such as Ace Hood, Tyga, Bobby Valentino, DJ Webstar, Lil Jon, Flo Rida, and many more. In 2012, TeeOh took a bit of a break from DJing as he began his Masters in Music Production at Berklee (Boston). TeeOh once said “It’s a great feeling to stand on stage and rock a crowd, but it’s a different world to hear others playing YOUR music.”

As 2012 rolled around, we resurfaced with new fuel on the fire and kicked off the year with the Japan: Summer Bash featuring DJ TeeOh and DJ Ohmz (BET: 106th & Park). The year was very lucrative as he placed 3rd in the Official DJ Battle Championship (ODBC), became one of the Top 10 DJs of All Time in Japan as an international DJ, and completed his 6 venue tour of Osaka (JP) before returning to Atlanta (GA). The lack of DJ events in Atlanta gave DJ TeeOh the idea to host his own battle in conjunction with Guitar Center, Rane Serato, Crane Stand, Ableton, Skratchpad, and Styleflip. The battle was fierce! DJs and patrons from all over the US attended making it the most successful Guitar Center battle. Since he didn’t get to compete in the contest DJ TeeOh decided to enter the 2013 DMC competition, the first time back in over a decade. Suffering a 5th place loss there, TeeOh went on to win the 2013 GCD American Audio DJ Battle and became a 2014 Georgia Arts Award Nominee. With unlimited possibilities and a passion as strong as ever, DJ TeeOh’s future never looked brighter.

//Daniel Hulth  #TableBeats

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