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DJ Myke aka Micionero – Instinct Looper

Instinct Looper by DJ Myke aka Micionero

DJ Myke aka Micionero is back with another dope looper. This time it’s 5 dope beats all produced by DJ Myke aka Micionero from Italy. Make sure you check out his other release on TableBeats, LooperCat, and the BattleCat 7″ scratch record, get it before it’s gone, order BattleCat 7″ here. Download Instinct Looper on TableBeats today and get busy with it!

DJ Myke – Instinct Looper (5 beats)

01 Bubble – 134BPM

02 Gamera – 97BPM

03 Lady Monster – 140BPM

04 Run the Balls – 137BPM

05 Uptempo – 170BPM


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